Support Agent Role

The role of a Support Agent is to be the first line of contact for the organisation from those seeking support. The role will include talking to the service user and trying to resolve their issues through your experiences and advice.

If you feel that the service user could do with further advice then you will be provided with a list of contacts for organisations that would be beneficial to service users that you can "signpost" them to. We would always recommend that anyone suffering medical issues refers themselves to their occupation health department as well as seeking help from their own GP.

To be a Support Agent you would be expected to accept contact from service users via multiple means but would not be expected to accept them all at once and phone support would always take precedence.

Contact can be made to Support Agents by the following means:

  • Text Support
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support

By applying for this role you would be expected to have access to the internet (either Wifi or 3G) and a device with an internet browser in order to receive Text and Email contact and to have access to a home or mobile phone in which to receive all diverted calls from the organisation freephone number during your available work period.

You will be asked once your training has been completed to provide dates, times and durations that you will be available to provide the support. This is in order to allow the Trustees to suitably arrange the divert of the calls to the appropriate Support Agent who will be free to make contact. We will aim to make the shifts no more than 3 hours long and we will endevour to plan no more than one or two shifts a week to minimise the impact the role will have

Training on the role in full will be given when successful on your application. Training will consist of two online packages followed by a phone conversation with one of our trustees and lastly some mock calls before you are fully trained.

You will also be asked to provide two forms of ID to the organisation which will also be needed when we complete the recommended DBS checks to safeguard all parties. A check will be done with your current or latest employing force for a reference.

Any queries in relation to the outlined job role can be made by emailing the trustees here

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