Essex Restaurant Launch Fundraising Menu

/ October 12, 2022

An Essex restaurant the opened it’s doors in August this year has made the decision to support Call4Backup by donating £1 for every order of it’s ‘Charity Special’ burger or cocktail.

Brickhouse, is the newest restaurant in Southend, Essex having opened on the site of the old ‘Mangetout’ restaurant on London Road. The venue serves up an amazing array of premium and affordable Burgers, Chicken & Cocktails for the Southend city.

Mikey, Brickhouse’s marketing manager, said: “Brickhouse is a new home of burgers, chicken and cocktails in Southend City. It’s very much going for affordable, great premium products but affordable prices.

“So we wanted to take like really good product, like great burgers, tender juicy ribs, great crispy chicken and just make it affordable.” He added: “The cost of living is really high at the moment and going out is more and more of a treat. So we figured that let’s try and go the other way. Let’s try and make everything as affordable as we can.”

The venue has successfully raised £695 for Havens Hospice with it’s previous Charity Special menu and on the back of that amazing effort the restaurant has decided to support Call4Backup, donations of £1 from each Charity Special burger or cocktail to our charity.


Beef Patty

• Creamed Garlic Mushrooms

• Mozzarella Cheese

• Crispy Onions

• Lettuce

• Mayo


Captain Morgan Tiki Rum

• Dead Man’s Fingers Rum

• Lime Juice

• Lemonade

At the charity, we are delighted that the wonderful staff at Brickhouse have chosen to support us which such amazing offers and our founder & Chair of Trustees, Rob Webber, who used to work as a Police Officer in the city, said: “It feels like a home coming! The charity started in the city when I worked there and the people of Southend help us raise lots of money in the early days of charity events. I have already booked myself a table and look forward to the great food.”

If you would like to get booked in then visit the Brickhouse website

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