We have Launched

/ March 13, 2016

On 24th February 2016 we put all that that we have been building over the last year into launching our support services. The event was live streamed on Twitter as we showed to the world the support services we were launching to our police colleagues.

The wonderful people at Rolling Stock provided the venue for our launch event and were kind enough not to charge us. We put all the preparation in at the venue and then at 1pm we flung oven the doors and invited in our delegates.

We started the presentation, walked through the history of Call4Backup and then announced that we were launching a phone, text and email support service manned by trained support agents who were also from policing backgrounds.

This is what we had been building up to over the past year to this point. It felt good to finally tell everyone what we were doing and also announce something we had been keeping to ourselves.

An app! Available on Apple and Google Play stores it is an app where one tap of the support service would take the control out of your had. The app can call the number, open an email and even prewrite the beginning of a text  and best of all its downloadable by everyone for free.

We received great support from those who attended and since then we have had more great meetings with other forces which have lead us along a positive path.

Check out the video of the Launch:

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