Counselling or Treatment

Once you have made contact with our Peer Support team, they may suggest that you look at obtaining some counselling or treatment for whatever you may be presenting with.

Our Peer Support team are not counsellors and are not able to give any formal diagnosis. We may however be able to offer funded counselling or treatment but will require you to speak to our mental health nurse.

They will offer you some self-help tips and make sure that we are offering you the correct counselling or treatment in line with your condition as well as finding the best placed practitioner for this.

How To Access Funded Counselling or Treatment?

Our funded counselling is only available if you join one of our memberships below. The Peer-Support line will always be free for advice and guidnace but ongoing support through a professional therapist or practitioner requires a minumum 12 month subscription.

You can subscribe now but will need to make contact with a Peer Support agent through our Peer Support line in order to talk about how you access the benefits of becoming a member.