Counselling or Treatment

Once you have made contact with out Peer Support team, they may suggest that you look at obtaining some counselling or treatment for whatever you may be presenting with.

Our Peer Support team are not counsellors and are not able to give any formal diagnosis but may suggest that you speak to your GP to try and obtain a formal diagnosis.

With a formal diagnosis, we may be able to offer counselling or treatment for that diagnosis that may be preventing you from doing your day job.

How To Access Funded Counselling or Treatment?

Once you have discussed the matter with our Peer Support team, they will provide you with a form to complete to apply for counselling or treatment.

Your application will be reviewed by our volunteer Mental Health Nurse who may want to make direct contact with you and discuss your application.

Our volunteer Mental Health Nurse’s recommendations will be reviewed by our trustees who will sign off on the level of assistance we will offer.