Welfare & Well-being Fund

We are well aware of the need to make improvements to police stations, office spaces and gyms that have had limited public funding.

This is why we have launched the ability for you to apply to the charity for a grant to support a project that you may be running in your force to improve the wellbeing or welfare of serving officers, staff or volunteers.

Each application will need to be signed off by a senior officer at the rank of at least Superintendant to ensure ligitimacy of the project.

What could you apply for?

  • Gym Improvements

You may need to get new weights, a new tredmill to help officers to pass the bleep test, buy a decent sound system or just paint the walls and give a fresher new feel to a gym at your police station

  • Well-being Rooms

Your project might be to impliment a safe space or well-being room for officers, staff or volunteers to go to when they are in need of quiet, reflective relaxation when they may be struggling.

  • Team Building

If your team have been to a traumatic incident, need to grow together following termoil or are coming to terms with loss within the team, you can apply for a grant to support you.

  • Police Vehicle Adaptations

Maybe you need to obtain cleaning facilities that the organisation will not pay for or something to make the cars more comfortable for you to use every day.

  • General Office Improvements

Police Station offices can be very dull places, we can provide you with a grant to add a water cooler, buying a radio or anything that will improve the well-being of those who use the space.

How to Apply?

If you would like to apply for what is detailed above or some other project then please download and the complete our application form.