Leave A Legacy

If you want to leave a legacy to Call4Backup in your will then you can do so when your Will is drafted. Just make sure to explain to your solicitor the exact amounts you want to leave to us and then let us know by emailing us at admin@call4backup.org

Why Write A Will

Making a will, and kepeing it up to date, is very important. It puts you in control and is the only way to ensure that your loved ones, and the causes dear to you, get the gifts intended for them.

Leaving a legacy to charity, no matter how small or large, will also be completely free from inheritance tax.

Why Leave A Legacy To C4B

Every Legacy left to C4B will make a vital difference to current and future employees of UK Police Forces. Many of those who come to us require further treatment, assistance or support.

Remembering Call4Backup in your Will means that we can confidently plan for our future and fund further treatments and guarentee that those who need support, will get the support, as long as they need it.