Volunteer For C4B

If you want to volunteer for Call4Backup then please look below at the two roles that we offer to volunteers and you can then send you application form to our trustees for their consideration.

Please bear in mind, as we are a peer support charity we only accept applications for these roles from serving, ex or retired Police Officers and Staff.

Support Agents

Want to be there for a colleague? Support Agents provide help and assistance by being at the end of phones or emails for no more than two 3hr shifts a week booked by you, around your life and circumstances.

C4B Champions

If you work in a Police Force around the UK then you can aid our charity by giving some time, no matter how small, to promote the aims and objectives of the charity inside the force you work in.

Event Coordinator

As a Police Peer Support Charity, we will often be invited to attend a number of events including networking and fun days. This will require an Events Coordinator to attend and deliver the charities message to attendees.