Support Agent Role

The role of a Support Agent the first line of contact for the organisation from those seeking support. The role will include talking to the service user and trying to guide them through your experiences and advice.If you feel that the service user could do with further advice then you will be provided with a list of contacts for organisations that would be beneficial to service users that you can “signpost” them to.

We would always recommend that anyone suffering refers themselves to their occupation health department as well as seeking help from their own GP.

Contact will be made between you and those using the service using:

Phone Support

Our telephone system will direct all calls to the support line to your designated mobile phone during the your shift period.

Email Support

You will access a shared web based email inbox and will regularly need to check and reply to any contact via email during your shift time.

By applying for this role you would be expected to have access to the data (either Wifi or Cellular) and an internet browser installed in order to access the C4B Intranet and check email contact. You will also be expected to have a home or mobile phone to hand in which to receive all support calls during your available work period.You will be asked to book at least two ‘shifts’, of no more than 3hrs, every week to be available to provide support services. These can be booked online, around your schedule, and not simply allotted to you.

Training on the role will be given and will consist of a full online elearning package via our own site which can be completed on any mobile, tablet or computer with a web browser. You will also be complete a DBS check, paid for by C4B, to safeguard all parties. We also ask that you provide us with evidence of your Police Experience.

Any queries in relation to the outlined job role can be made by emailing the trustees here