Support of Kevin Szabo

/ May 18, 2015

We launched the "Support Kevin Szabo" campaign after we had money donated to us followed by a message asking for the funds to be donated to Kevin himself, then we thought it would be nice to set up a page so that people who wanted to support Kevin in his recovery could.

Kevin Szabo was in the news after he was dismissed from his force and pleaded guilty to Dangerous Driving after PTSD took hold of him and boiled over in an incident where he was chased to Cheshire Police HQ and he crashed the police car he was driving through gates before being chased into the canteen where he broke down in pieces.

The PTSD that Kevin suffered from was deemed to stem from his service in the Army where he saw horrific sights while on tour in Iraq but it was incidents experiences while a police officer that caused the build up to tip the scale resulting in Kevin suffering to cope with everyday life.

Following the court case Kevin was left with a broken marriage, no job, claiming benefits and struggling to recover from his illness. Kevin has been supported heavily by the charity Combat Stress who are helping him to deal with his disorder and the £720 donated via the Just Giving page we set up will help Kevin get back on his feet.

"I would like to say a huge thank you of appreciation to all those who have supported me through this extremely difficult couple of years. I feel that life is finally giving me another chance of happiness and hope again. My treatment here at Combat Stress is doing wonders for my PTSD and I have learnt many things and made many friends along the way for which I am extremely grateful." Kevin said.

"The funds raised by you all to support me will be used to help me obtain essentials for my flat such as pots, pans and furniture. Not one penny will be squandered on anything not essential to me rebuilding my life. The overwhelming support I have received will be etched into my heart forever and has inspired me to help others in need too. Thank you all so much."

Read Kevin Szabo's open and honest blog, Beat Stigma, here.

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