This is the current trustees for the charity:

Rob Webber

Rob is the founding member of the organisation. He started as a Police Constable in early 2009 and is still in the role today. He founded the organisation as a support network after he suffered the loss of a friend and colleague after a battle with Depression. Rob felt so strongly about the organisation that he took all his available time and resources and put them into providing a support network for serving police officers. Rob is heavily involved in the organisation and has put his graphics and IT knowhow into creating and maintaining the charity's website and social media.

Nick Eliot

Nick joined the team early on and is still involved. Nick brings his experience of being a Control Room Inspector to the role and being one of the initial trustees for the charity Nick is excited about how the charity has progressed over the last 4 years.

James O'Connell

James is one of our newest Trustees. James is a serving Police Constable on an Operational Support Group.

Stevie Tiernan

Stevie is one of our newest trustees and is currently a Force Control Operator and a Special Constable in Dorset