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/ November 17, 2015

Tomorrow, Call4Backup features in the Society suppliment of the Guardian Newspaper while the online  article has already gone live. It features Trustee Rob Webber alongside a spread of information on the charity and into Police Officer Mental Health.

The article features facts and figures that were gleaned from serving officers in our survey completed between April and May 2015

The survey was constructed by us using SurveyMonkey and despite being answered by only 525 serving officers it gave a good nationwide picture as every force bar one had someone answer the survey.

The survey was completed only 2 months into our beginning and the results speak for themselves when we say that 20% of respondants have contemplated or attempted suicide.

This figure alone is too much. When you put this alongside the fact that 70.7% said that they would speak to a colleague or a supervisor before anyone else if they felt they had any issues, you can see why we have been supportive of the 'Officers Supporting Officers' ethos from the go.

There are a lot more figures published on our Press page if you would like to have access to the Survey Results. Please refer to this page for a full press release.

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