On #WorldSoilDay, we reflect on the charity’s impact on the environment and agree to make changes to reduce our impact on the planet whilst still continuing our vitaly important work.

Today is 5th December 2022, which is #WorldSoilDay. This is a means to focus attention on the importance of healthy soil and to advocate for the sustainable use of materials and resources that affect the soil.

In 2019 we made the first changes in the charity to make steps to a greener future when we began using a ‘Green Eco Hosting’ company, Kualo, as a hosting location for our website’s servers’. We chose this company as all their servers are powered by 100% green energy. Also since 2022 they have been on a mission to improve the climate by planting trees for every website hosted and  to date have planted over 60,000 trees.

Since joining Kualo for our hosting, our environmental impact has been important to us. When developing our Sporks in 2021, it was important that we fully researched and developed a product made of 100% recycled and biodegradable plastics. The impact of single use and non degradable plastics on our environment is a massive problem and we need to do what we can to limit that.

We have decided that, with the impacts of plastics in mind, once we have deminished our current stocks that we will no longer be producing our ‘Charity Wristbands’

Posting items bought on our shop is also an important consideration, currently we use plastic postage bags, which we have had since 2017, and we are now also researching environmentally friendly postage bags as we don’t want our unrecyclable plastic ones ending up in landfill and affecting the soil we stand on.

Finally, we wanted to talk about changes we have already made. This is around clothing waste. Our current shop has a vast amount of clothing in it, which we are beginning to update with our new logo. This clothing is produced by our printers seperately from us on a ‘print-by-order’ basis. This means we do not have the vast expenditure of having lots of clothes in lots of sizes made, we only have them printed from our printer’s stocks when you order and it is sent directly to you from them. This does increase the cost a little but I hope you understand that it is a greener and more financially sustainable way of producing our clothing.

All of our changes are important in making a better world for our children who will be future generations who work in the police and will no doubt need our support.