Peer Support

Our Peer Support Services connects you to a serving, ex or retired police officer or member of police staff who has been specifically trained to offer peer support, advice and guidance to assist you in finding a way through anything that may be affecting your ability to preform your role in the police.

These services are available to all serving or retired employees of UK Police Services at no cost or membership at all!

The Peer Support services are the first port of call for anyone needing support from our charity. Anyone who is looking to obtain funded counselling or treatment must make use of the Peer Support Services first.

How To Contact Our Peer Support Services

Peer Support Helpline

Peer Support Email

What Peer Support Do We Offer?


  • Offer guidance, self-help tips and signposting.
  • Refer you for funded counselling.


  • Discuss all options available to you.
  • Signpost you to where you may get better legal support


  • Offer guidance on domestic matters
  • Support you in finding help through the correct channels


  • Let you know of what financial assistance you can obtain.

When Can You Contact Our Support Services

Our Peer Support services are not open 24/7 and we would advise that you check our opening hours before making contact as that will ensure that you are able to speak to someone when you call. If you contact via email, a Peer Support Agent will contact you back as soon as one is on duty.