Fundraising Packs

Charities rely heavily on Fundraising and our charity is no exception. Currently we are entirely self-funded with no money coming from any trusts or grants. This means that by raising money for us you are helping us to run our charity as every penny you raise goes back into the charity to help make a difference.

You can request a fundraising pack to assist you with your fundraising below.

Individual Fundraising Packs

Included is:
  • Optional Custom Poster Design
  • 2 Posters
  • Pen or Wristband
  • Sponsorship Form
  • Trustee contact for assistance
  • Fundraisers Menu to order more material and merchansise
  • Website and Social Media sharing your fundraising to improve donations.
If you want to request a Fundraising Pack please do so below

Group or Team Fundraising Pack

Included is:
  • Custom Poster Design
  • Collection Tin
  • Sponsorship Forms
  • Trustee contact for assistance
  • Event Ordering Sheet for further event goods
  • Website and Social Media sharing your event to improve donations.
  • Pack of Pens and Wristbands
If you want to request a Fundraising Pack please do so below

Register Your Own Event

If you are already organising a Fundraiser and don't need a pack but want us to assist with publicising your event then please contact our Fundraising Team as we can plug your event via Social Media and on our website to make your event a resounding success!

You could also register your own event completing a form through the below