Becoming a C4B Champion

Champions are serving Police Officers, Staff or Volunteers, who want to be a face for the charity in their local force or area providing a regional contact who will publicise the work the charity does within their force area and aid in letting people know that the charity exists.

Champions are passionate about the charity and the work we do to improve the well-being of those who are employed or volunteer for Police Services across the UK. In this support they often recruit Support Agents or Fundraisers for the charity just by expressing their passion for our mission.

As a Champion, you would be

    •Able to access exclusive promotional material.

    •Willing to publicise the charity and it's work inside their own force.

    •Improve communication between officers on the ground and the Trustees.

If you think you could do the above, we would love you to join us. You don't need to be a support agent to help out your colleagues as there are many more ways to help by assisting the charity in getting its name out there. We believe that the strongest and most trusted recommendations come from colleagues and we want to build on that by using 'word of mouth' to grow our charity and get our name out there on the front line.

The increased connections, between you and the charity, mean that if you need any other resourses in order to push the mission of the charity, these would be made available to you as a Champion and you would be supported in making any requests.

If all above looks like you then we would suggest that you apply via the application page and we will look to help you and send you an initial pack to help you as a C4B Champion!