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With COVID-19 increasing levels of anxiety in the public and the Government's message to stay home, protect the NHS and save lives, our front line key workers, especially those in the Police, have to brave the added stress of increased vulnerability to this unforgiving virus. This is a stress that is likely to increase as time goes on, along with managing the new powers, staff numbers diminished by isolation and added media scrutiny. All of this added pressure increases the likelihood of those in the police having to deal with issues surrounding their mental health. As a result we are looking to launch a new campaign to try and push the support available to those working in police services across the UK.

What are we planning?

As part of the #Care4OurCops campaign we are looking to flood social media with a video campaign explaining how people can give and get help from Call4Backup. From fundraising or donating to volunteering or championing. We want to use this time to PUSH harder than ever before to reach those in our police service, share what can be done to help our charity and at the same time drive and increase in the knowledge of the charity.

How Can You Help?

We need people who have helped the charity in all differing ways to send a video to us, only if you consent to parts of this video being combined into a campaign video, which will be a selfie of you, filmed on your phone saying the below message. All the received videos will then be edited into the campaign video. We would love to see some of those who work in uniform wearing their uniform if they can but it doesn't matter where it is filmed or what background, as this is a time when the message and the people are more important than making it look like a slick production. If you are not interested in taking part in this campaign please do still share the campaign message below using one of the below tile images on social media to any of your friends and family or by just sharing your thoughts or messages while using the hashtag #Care4OurCops

I Want To Help!

Please send an email to us here with your video and in it please say the following message. We are setting the wording in order to make the video blend together well with a mix of participants.

"Now is an unbelievably stressful time for the public, the likes of which have never been seen before, but for our key workers and especially those working in our public services, there's an increased anxiety about what they may be exposed to at work. The charity Call4Backup was set up to provide vital support to those working in our police services across the UK and they need your help now more than ever. So whilst you're safe at home protecting yourselves and your families, remember to support our cops battling for everyone's safety, by texting TWO, FOUR or EIGHT to 70490 to donate either two, four or eight pounds to Call4Backup. My name is [say name here] and I care for our cops by [fundraising/donating/championing/volunteering] for the charity Call4Backup"

Thank you in advance for your time in reading this and we hope you and your family remain safe.

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