Our Fifth Anniversary

/ February 25, 2020/ 0 comments

Today is our 5th anniversary.
5 years of helping our boys and girls in blue to get the support they need to return to work.
We have had lots of calls and emails to our crisis line along the way, paid for counselling sessions for a number of officers and just generally been there to listen and care.

When we set out on this mission 5 years ago there was nothing around that was offering this kind of support. The Mind Blue Light Programme arrived shortly after but was still not offering the same as we were, Peer Support.

Peer Support has always been the driver behind what we do. It breaks down barriers and allows those who are suffering an easier path to understanding what they are going through. Only we truly know what it’s like to do a #joblikenoother.

As 5 years has rolled around quicker then we had ever imagined it’s time to stop, reflect and plan for what hurdles we will have for the future. Here’s to more years of helping our boys and girls in blue in their time of need.

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