Call4Backup Supports #Bleepkind while Co-founder Carly Baillie Prepares for Great North Run

/ August 14, 2023

In an inspiring show of support, mental health charity Call4Backup has announced its collaboration with #Bleepkind, a grassroots movement advocating for kindness and compassion to support those who have struggled with the Police Job Related Fitness Test (JRFT) also called the Bleep Test. Call4Backup has generously offered to host #Bleepkind’s website, while #Bleepkind’s co-founder, Carly Baillie, is gearing up to run the Great North Run to raise funds for both organizations.

#Bleepkind, spearheaded by Carly Baillie and friend Jennifer Sharpling, promotes kindness, compassion, and the power of positive actions to support wellbeing, nutrition and exercise to help anyone through the Bleep Test. The movement uses social media platforms to encourage individuals to share stories of positive changes, nutritional advice and exercise support. By focusing on these narratives, #Bleepkind aims to inspire others and foster a more empathetic support around those who struggle to pass the JRFT.

Through the collaboration, Call4Backup has generously offered to host #Bleepkind’s website on their platform. This support will help enhance the online presence of #Bleepkind, enabling more individuals to learn about and engage with the movement’s messages of kindness, support and understanding. The joint effort aims to amplify mental health support and encourage a culture of empathy within and beyond the police community.

To further support both organizations’ efforts, Carly Baillie, co-founder of #Bleepkind, has taken on an extraordinary challenge. She will be participating in the Great North Run, a half-marathon held annually in the United Kingdom, to raise funds for both Call4Backup and #Bleepkind. Through her dedication, Carly will not only contribute to the improvement of mental health support but also inspire others to promote kindness in their communities.

Carly’s venture into the Great North Run highlights the intertwined nature of mental health and exercise. By fundraising for both Call4Backup and #Bleepkind, she will be helping to advance resources for those in need of mental health support while also spreading the positive message of #Bleepkind.

Followers of BleepKind’s social media have expressed their gratitude for Call4Backup’s support, noting the importance of destigmatizing mental health challenges within the emergency services community as well as applauding Carly’s efforts to raise awareness and funding for their shared causes.

With Call4Backup hosting #Bleepkind’s website and Carly Baillie’s determined participation in the Great North Run, there is growing anticipation for the positive impact this partnership will have. Their collective goal is to foster kindness, empathy, and improved mental health resources within the emergency services community and beyond.

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