Over 5K raised in memory of PC Ram Kumar

/ December 31, 2019

In September 2019, after a battle with his mental health, PC Ram Kumar sadly took his life. PC Kumar was a strong and brave man, always challenging himself in his personal and work life. He had always dreamt of becoming a Police Officer and took the big step at age 41 years old and secured a job with the Metropolitan Police. He initially worked as a PCSO, and later as a PC, working and protecting people all over London for over 14 years.

PC Kumar loved his job and was known by his colleagues to be the first out to attend a scene. He was always trying to better himself so, when he started struggling with his mental health, he knew he needed help. He reached out to different organisations including Call4BackUp for support but unfortunately his internal battle was far too great.

Following the sudden and heart-breaking news of his death, PC Kumar’s daughters – Monica and Natasha – wanted to bring more awareness to mental health within the Police force so decided to request donations to Call4Backup in the memory of their amazing Dad. “Call4Backup were there for him and took the time out to support him where they could.” The family said on their JustGiving page. “We want to raise money so that officers with mental health problems have access to the support they need. They make so many sacrifices for us every day so please donate where you can.”

To date, Monica and Natasha’s JustGiving page has amassed an amazing £5536 in donations for the charity. The family are keen to continue to support the charity wherever they can. They would like anyone who worked with PC Ram Kumar to leave a small donation and some words of remembrance on their JustGiving Page in an effort to push their current fundraising even further.

PC Ram Kumar will not only be remembered as a consummate professional but as a kind hearted man with an infectious smile.

“We want all those who worked with our AMAZING Dad, and those who work anywhere in the police, to know that putting your hand up and asking for help with a mental health issue is not a sign of weakness. We know the hardships police officers go through on a daily basis, and they need the right support”.

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