Call4Backup’s ‘March on Mental Health’ Fundraising Campaign Returns

/ February 10, 2024

In a world where mental health awareness is more crucial than ever, the charity organization Call4Backup is thrilled to announce the triumphant return of their annual fundraising campaign – ‘March on Mental Health.’ Designed to promote the powerful impact of physical activity on mental well-being, this event encourages individuals to run, walk, or roll 100 kilometers throughout the month of

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Conquer Kilimanjaro: Join the Emergency Service Challenge and Support Call4Backup!

/ January 28, 2024

Embarking on a journey that combines adventure, camaraderie, and a noble cause is an opportunity that doesn’t come around every day. We are excited to share the news of Call4Backup’s collaboration with the Emergency Service Challenge, a remarkable initiative set to take on the awe-inspiring Mount Kilimanjaro. This joint venture not only promises anunforgettable experience but also aims to make

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Allan Takes On Great North Run on Hottest Day of the year in Full Police Riot Gear

/ September 8, 2023

In an extraordinary display of dedication, Allan Parker, a police officer from Essex, is set to push his limits by running in the Great North Run wearing full police riot gear. This courageous act is aimed at raising awareness and funds for the police peer support charity, Call4Backup. Even more remarkable is that Allan has chosen to undertake this challenge

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Runner takes part in Great North Run in memory of his uncle

/ September 4, 2023

In the world of charity runs and fundraising events, there are few stories as inspiring as that of Mikey Bishop. This year, Mikey is taking on the iconic Great North Run, not just as a personal challenge but also to honour the memory of his uncle, a remarkable police officer, Andrew Rawlinson. Moreover, Mikey’s participation in this event is all

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Call4Backup Supports #Bleepkind while Co-founder Carly Baillie Prepares for Great North Run

/ August 14, 2023

In an inspiring show of support, mental health charity Call4Backup has announced its collaboration with #Bleepkind, a grassroots movement advocating for kindness and compassion to support those who have struggled with the Police Job Related Fitness Test (JRFT) also called the Bleep Test. Call4Backup has generously offered to host #Bleepkind’s website, while #Bleepkind’s co-founder, Carly Baillie, is gearing up to

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Cost of Living Crisis Cancels Comedy Night Event

/ June 30, 2023

Cost of Living Crisis Forces Cancellation Of Laughing Policeman Comedy Night Event In a world grappling with an escalating cost of living crisis, many sectors, including event planning, have been significantly impacted. The financial strain resulting from rising expenses and stagnant wages often leads to difficult decisions, such as canceling planned events. Unfortunately this means for a charity such as

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Police Officer Runs London Marathon For Call4Backup

/ March 28, 2023

Many people will be readying himself to take part in the world famous London Marathon in 3 weeks time. Essex Police Officer, Alex, has decided to use his entry as a fundraiser for Call4Backup. Running a marathon is no easy feat, but doing so while raising funds for a great cause like ours is truly inspiring. Such is the case

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Healthy Shift Work in the Police

/ March 21, 2023

It’s no secret that shift work places a great strain on the human body. Given this, it is even more important that we look after ourselves. PC Adam Burke CB412 a Personal Safety Trainer at Sussex Police writes: Someone once told me frankly that if I didn’t look after my health while serving, I’d be wasting money on the pension

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Gwent officer’s fundraising run and sharing her own battle

/ January 18, 2023/ 0 comments

Gwent Police Officer, Alexa Brown is taking part in the Merthyr Tydfil half marathon as a fundraiser for Call4Backup whilst taking to social media to openly talk about her own mental health struggles. On 26th March 2023, Alexa Brown, who is an officer with Gwent Police will be standing on the start line of the Merthyr Tydfil Half Marathon knowing

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Being Environmentally Aware

/ December 5, 2022/ 0 comments

On #WorldSoilDay, we reflect on the charity’s impact on the environment and agree to make changes to reduce our impact on the planet whilst still continuing our vitaly important work. Today is 5th December 2022, which is #WorldSoilDay. This is a means to focus attention on the importance of healthy soil and to advocate for the sustainable use of materials

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