Police Charity Targets London Terror Attacks Support

/ September 6, 2019

UK Police Support Charity, Call4Backup, has started a new project which will provide funded private counselling for anyone who have suffered an impact on the mental well being as a result of their involvement in the London Terror Attacks of 2017.

Call4Backup is a Police Peer Support Charity that was set up in 2015 to offer guidance, direction and support to those working in the police in relation to anything that might be affecting their overall ability to do their day job. The charity’s work is aimed at reducing the amount of people from our police services who are off long term sick with psychological issues.

This new project, titled Operation Bravery, has been set up with a funding grant that the charity has secured to provide funded counselling to anyone who have suffered following the attacks as a result of what they witnessed or experienced during their role in the Police Service.

"Give something back to the local officers who keep us safe in the centre of London every day."

Operation Bravery is different from what Call4Backup usually offer as it will also provide support to retired or ex police officers and staff who have suffered as a result of the two incidents in March and June 2017 whereby a total of over 100 people were injured and killed including multiple attacks of Police Officers and murder of PC Keith Palmer.

“Although the charity is a nationwide support service we have our registered office in London” Said Rob Webber, Founder & Trustee for Call4Backup “It feels great to be able to launch this project and give something back to the local officers who keep us safe in the centre of London every day.”

In order to access the support that Operation Bravery has available please visit the website at operationbravery.org.

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