Merseyside Inspector Supports His Collegues With A Walk Of Hope

/ May 26, 2022

Merseyside Inspector, Andrew Robinson is taking his two dogs, Thor and Loki on a 30-mile 'walk of hope' in his eighth charity fundraising event.

Andrew has been taking part in this fundraising event for a while, picking a different charity every time and for his eighth event and has rasied over £15000 in total over the previous seven events and is looking to support his colleague by chosing a charity a little closer to home.

This year I am raising money for a charity that, in the current climate, is essential for my colleagues and those I work with

The 'Walk of Hope' event sees Andrew walk 30 miles with his two dogs, Thor and Loki, although there is a slight twist this year as Thor and Loki will start the walk with Andrew but as the two boys are getting a little too old to go the whole way, Andrew will finish the walk alone.

We are massively supporting Andrew in his fundraising efforts, exercise is a great way to improve mental health and walks in open, green spaces have shown to be beneficial to us all during the COVID period. The statistics don't lie when it comes to the impact walking pets has on our mental health as a new study in December stated that walking your dog is better than strolling alone!

According to scientists at the University of Animal Health Technology in Tokyo, sharing a daily walk with a pet reduces the chances of depression, stress and anxiety. We know that heading outside with your pup provides dogs with the opportunity to get regular physical activity, but it can also help boost the calming GABA chemical in your body but up to 40%.

Support Andrew on his effort to keep himself and his pets healthy whilst raising funds on his 30 mile 'Walk of Hope' here, and help him to support us in helping those in the police.

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