Cambridge Cop Takes On Epic 3 Peaks Challenge

On Sunday 5th June, Jamal Dickinson, from Cambridge Constabulary will be taking part in the 3 peaks challenge that will see him climb the three biggest mountain peaks in the UK, all within 24hrs!

Jamal will be starting in Scotland where he will climb the highest of the 3, Ben Nevis, with the summit standing at 1345m. Then it is straight down for a drive to the Lake District where he will summit the 978m Scafell Pike, then finally it is a long drive to Wales for the final summit of the 3 mountains, Mount Snowden, which stands at 1085m! Once he gets back down to the base of Snowden, the challenge is complete and timer can be stopped!


for me this event means a great sense of achievement, people who know me know that I used to be very unfit, a regular smoker, non stop takeaways and other bad habits. However, I am now smoke free, do all my home cooking and getting on track with exercise. This challenge will show me just how far I’ve come


Jamal decided to take on the challenge as lockdown saw many documentaries and films replace his daily activities that had taken for granted. His inspiration came whilst watching '14 peaks' on Netflix, an amazing documentary which follows Nimsdai Purja as he tackles the 14 mountains in the world with over 8000 meter peaks in 7 months. This made him decide to try and do something similar which brought him to this 3 peaks challenge.

Whilst searching for a charity that offers support to the police family, Jamal came across Call4Backup and seeing that he could take part in this event as a charity fundraiser he decided that it was exactly the kind of charity he wanted to do this challenge for. "Police Officers and staff have to deal with a lot of stuff from day to day, and this can take its toll" Jamal said. "This is why it is extremely important to have that support network like what this charity does in place!"

Jamal's amazing challenge is only 2 weeks away and he has already raised over £650 for the charity! Keep supporting him all through the next 2 weeks and if you are able to drop him a donation, no matter how small, please do so here.