Busy Special Crams In Half Marathon

/ August 19, 2017

Stevie's Bournemouth 5K
Stevie Tiernan, who is a Special Constable, while having a day job working in Intel, for Dorset Police has decided to go from not running at all to running in the Bath Two Tunnels Half Marathon on 20 Aug 2017 to raise money for Call4Backup, a charity which she herself volunteers.

Stevie has a lot of strings to her bow and a lot of things taking up her time. She works in Intel in Dorset Police and volunteers some of her spare time as a Special Constable for the force. This isn't enough for Stevie as she also volunteers time to Call4Backup in order support her colleagues but at the end of last year she signed up for a half marathon, wanting a challenge for the new year.

"I haven't really run any real length since school so I knew it was going to be difficult." Said Stevie "I started off slow with small distances and entered myself into my first official race, which was a fast and flat 5k in January along Bournemouth Beach Front. I slowly upped my miles and started running to and from work."

Stevie's Running Shoes

"I found that although it was hard, it was enjoyable."

Stevie was glad that she began running as she explains that it was a good way to clear her head and train her physical and reset her psychological health. "It hurt physically, but it cleared my head after a stressful day at work. Unfortunately I haven't increased my mileage as much as I would have like to but for future events I will be sticking to a stricter schedule.

"Seeing the positive impact it has had on my physical health as well as my mental health, I couldn't think of a better charity to raise money for than Call4Backup"

In order to support Stevie you can donate to her fundraising page here. You can also follow her on twitter here.

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