RideLondon Is Coming

/ July 26, 2017

This weekend is the Prudential RideLondon, a 100 mile ride through London and Surrey which will see 3 members of the Police Family take part while raising money and awareness for Call4Backup

Bret Dawson, Owen Clements and Mike Weaver will all don their Call4Backup emblazoned Lycra and take to the streets of London and Surrey in order to raise money and awareness of our charity.

"I am looking to raise some cash for this special charity as it is close to my heart and that of the police." Said Bret "Call4Backup is a fantastic and worthy cause that helps police officers and staff by providing support through tough times. We are a resilient bunch and we do a good job of helping each other… but none of us are invincible and for that reason, it’s good to know we have a port of call, if or when we may need it."

Bret's Accident

"I wasn't able to do much training for 5 weeks after an accident put me and my bike off the road"

Owen Clements is a Detective and has seen the unfortunate demise of colleagues and so sees Call4Backup as a great charity to support. "I have played in the Craig Pledger Memorial Matches which are a fundraiser for the charity." Owen said "But as I failed in the Prudential RideLondon public ballot I felt that it would be great for me to support the cause and get to ride the event at the same time."

The pair will be joined by Michael Weaver, also part of the Police Family. Mick's training has been hampered by increasing work since the Terror Attacks across the UK as well as the re-occurrence of an old injury "I've hardly had a day off in the last 3 months and every time I do a half decent length ride, my Achilles that I tore last year has been flaring up again. I'm hoping it'll hold out for the ride though."

In order to support Bret Dawson you can donate to his fundraising page here.
You can support Owen Clements at his fundraising page here.
Finally, Michael Weaver would love your support and donations via his fundraising page here.


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